Is your lymph system a battlefield?

Yes! And you may not be winning.

Discover Nature’s Secret to Cellular Detoxification & Rejuvenation With Exclusive, Proprietary Plant Stem Cells

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Is your lymph system a battlefield?

Yes! And you may not be winning.

Discover Nature’s Secret to Cellular Detoxification & Rejuvenation With Exclusive, Proprietary Plant Stem Cells

Is your lymph system a battlefield?

Yes! And you may not be winning.

Discover Nature’s Secret to Cellular Detoxification & Rejuvenation With Exclusive, Proprietary Plant Stem Cells


I love Nature Provides Lymph Health PSC complex!

Our lymphatic system is such a vital part of our detox and drainage pathways but oftentimes we forget to support it! When I take Lymph Health I know I am creating the necessary flow in my body to help eliminate toxins. Since taking it, my overall health and well-being has improved but especially my circulation and ability to release congestion and fluid build up. I highly recommend adding this to your self care routine!

~Helen Armstrong

We currently live in a world that is riddled with toxins – our air, water and food are all compromised on some level.

“Doing a detox” used to be a bi-annual event, but given our current landscape, these toxins will accumulate faster than you are able to remove them if you aren’t detoxing daily.

Daily detoxing requires you to utilize specific herbs/plants to pull toxins out of the body but most importantly, the cells, tissue and organs. Research shows us that embryonic plant stem cell extracts do exactly this.

Lymph Health is a drainer, not a detoxifiyer (which needs a binder).


On a cellular level, embryonic plant stem cell extracts promote drainage, strengthening and rejuvenating our cells, tissues and organs


They open cellular detoxification pathways and clean up both the intra and extracellular matrix, thus bringing the body’s communication network back online


Plant stem cell extracts help the body with two complementary actions: (1) stimulate the elimination of toxins and (2) increase the function of the normal routes of elimination


When the primary routes are not functioning adequately, the secondary routes are recruited in order to facilitate elimination of toxic material. They also activate stem cells in our own bodies to increase our vitality and eliminate waste

I have been taking Black Currant for almost 3 years now.

It is the best adrenal support for my body.  I think it heals and balances my cortisol levels, which is especially important in times of stress.  I take it during the day and each night before bed to help keep my lungs clear. I am thankful for this organic and natural healing herbs to use them as my first line of defense, whenever possible.  After a few years I tried this herb, I found this is one of the best organic product of Nature Provides.   This is being natural Cortizone it assist it with the musculoskeletal system, it’s anti-infectious assits the digestive system, skin issues, adrenal, and even helps to reduce stress and fatigue. This is God given gift to me and I will share it.

Thank you for this healing product of Nature Provides.

Cora Zapanta

Create Simple Lymphatic Relief for Brain Fog, Gut Issues, Hormonal Imbalances, and More

From the Desk of Jenn Payeur

After a life-threatening health issue, I was divinely guided to begin utilizing embryonic plant stem cell extracts to clean out the accumulated toxins in my body. Within a few months, my entire terrain shifted, bringing vitality, immunity and health. I was so thrilled with the results that I bought the company.  I expanded its offerings and rebranded to Nature Provides to indicate that nature truly has everything we need to restore our immunity and vitality.

The first research-supported documentation of embryonic plant stem cell extracts, also known as gemmotherapy, began in the 1950’s. Since then, the research has expanded exponentially with contributions by many European scholars, physicians, and biochemists.

With over 70 years of university-level biochemical and clinical studies in Europe, there is great knowledge on the individual properties and actions each extract has on a particular organ and organ system.

These plant buds contain the growth material of the entire plant and are the most nutrient dense part of the plant. The action of these extracts on a cellular level promote drainage, strengthening, and rejuvenation of organs. In other words, they gently pull toxic matter out of the cells, tissue and organs, thus leaving the body clean, balanced and restored.

Toxic accumulation in the body can cause many common symptoms and ailments – brain fog, gut dysbiosis, constipation, diarrhea, hormonal issues (hot flashes, dysmenorrhea), vein issues, sleep disturbances, joint and ligament pain to name a few. And so many more.

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, Nature Provides plant stem cell extracts can support you in reclaiming your health and vitality. I highly encourage you to give it a try. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all of our products.

Customer Testimonials

Wow, I love Lymph Health!

I’ve definitely noticed more energy, almost immediately – AND my skin has a fresh new glow!​

Feeling Better Already!

I had been sick several times in the last few months and am thrilled to say that after a few weeks, I not only felt stronger, I experienced less sinus congestion and overall fluid retention.

I already see changes!

Not only did the swelling in my ankles go down, I noticed that my digestion and skin improved within the first few days and weeks! Thank you, great product!

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Lymph Health

Your lymph system is your head-to-toe highway to remove toxins, keep your body free of health roadblocks, and create vibrant health. This powerful blend supports the body’s lymphatic system.



The plant buds are picked in the Springtime as nature begins to blossom. This once-per-year event requires intentionality and care, as each bud is hand-picked and only 20% of the buds are selected so that the mother tree/plant can continue to thrive in her environment.

This means that quantities are limited by nature herself. Once our extracts are gone, we are unable to get them until the following spring.

Concentrated gemmotherapy is also called plant stem cell therapy because Plant Stem Cells have the capacity to transmit an undifferentiated biological and energetic message similar to that of a stem cell, able to reorganize a pathological disorder in humans.

Nature Provides is only one of a few companies in the world that offers concentrated gemmotherapy with fresh plant buds.

There are many Detoxifying-Nourishing-Rejuvenating Benefits of PSC’s:
  • Reverses the effects of aging
  • Reverses muscle wasting
  • Increases energy level, endurance and exercise capacity
  • Increases cardiac output and athletic performance
  • Reduces stress and enhances immune system
  • Accelerates wound healing and skin regeneration
  • Improves memory retention and cognitive functions
  • Healing and rehabilitation from athletic injury
  • Improves vision
  • Achieves younger, tighter, more supple skin
  • Improves kidney & liver and all other organ functions
  • Cleans the lymphatic system
  • Reverses osteoporosis due to their osteoblast action
  • Improves sleep
Your lymph system is your head-to-toe highway to remove toxins, keep your body free of health roadblocks, and create vibrant health.

The combination of traditional herbs, like Sweet Chestnut and Service Tree, combined with Black Currant, and White Birch support your body’s lymphatic system to boost energy, banish stagnant toxins and support overall well being.

Taking PSC®️ Lymph Health is easy. Simply add 30 drops directly into your mouth or into 1/4 glass of high quality filtered water. Enjoy up to 2 times daily, every day. Consistency is a key factor in building long-term wellness.

What is Lymph Stagnation and What Causes it?

Lymph stagnation is characterized by a buildup of lymph fluid in the interstitial spaces of the body, causing impaired lymphatic flow, toxic build up and compromised immune function. This happens when your body fails to remove metabolic waste, excess fluid, and other harmful substances, causing fatigue and decreased immune response.

Lymph stagnation may occur due to a variety of reasons such as trauma, infection, illness, surgery, medication, and even a sedentary lifestyle.

There are also a variety of underlying causes to consider, with heavy metals, glyphosate, and Lyme disease, viruses, and pathogens being some of the major contributors.

Heavy metal toxicity can lead to the accumulation of metals such as mercury, lead, aluminum, and cadmium in various parts of your body, including bones, heart, nerves, and your brain. Although these metals can be present in low amounts in the food we consume, medicine, and pollution, they can become concentrated and impede lymph flow blocking the lymphatic system.

Secondly, the active ingredient in Roundup (glyphosate), which is used as a herbicide to eliminate weeds, enters the food supply through crops, such as almonds, oats, wheat, coffee, and tea, and can cause a host of health issues, including lymph congestion.

Pathogens, such as Lyme disease, viruses, and other microorganisms can cause your lymphatic system to slow down, leading to congestion – and the formation of diseases in tissues. Congested lymphatic flow can be particularly challenging to overcome.

Nature Provides’ protocol has changed my life!

My blood tests showed a variety of concerns directly related to heart and kidney functions, from high creatinine production and a small stone build up in my kidneys to high cholesterol and high blood pressure causing frequent headaches and through this 60 day protocol has dropped back to normal levels, no headaches, no hypertension and a better quality of life – amazing – and all through PSC extracts of Lilac and organic natural supplementation.

Joel Cruzada

Our extracts are setting new standards with Mother Nature as our guide.

Adult herbal tinctures aren’t the same as the organic, wild-harvested embryonic plant buds, young shoots, rootlets and germinating seeds that we collect and harvest in the springtime.

Adult tinctures come from only one aspect of the plant, such as the leaves, while embryonic plant stem cells contain the entire genetic makeup and all aspects of the plant.

Mother Nature’s healing secret lies in the juvenile phytohormones plants release as new growth emerges. The potency of these begin to subside as chlorophyll is produced and the plant matures. That’s why we exclusively derive our stem cells from embryonic plant tissues harvested in Spring.

Our team of highly trained botanists in Italy pick only 20% of new growth to ensure that parent plants continue to thrive because a healthy you begins with a sustainable Earth.

Each of our Embryonic Plant Stem Cell Extracts contain the purest ingredients Mother Nature supplies. Our company keeps integrity and transparency as core values.

Ingredients Matter

At Nature Provides we do not add water to our extracts.

This is due to the fact that the buds contain 70-80% water in their natural state. We formulate a perfect blend of plant energy, organic grape alcohol and glycerin with plenty of water that is provided naturally from the plants into the mix. Our plants are hand selected with love from a team of botanists in Italy.

Our Plant Stem Cell products are made with:

Lymph Health has the ideal balance of embryonic plant stem cells that support the body’s lymphatic system.

When the feeling of heaviness, congestion and swelling of the limbs needs to be soothed and restored, the synergy of these embryonic extracts supports lymphatic and venous system functionality.

Lymph Health ingredients are:

Service Tree 1:20 – fresh buds
To support blood and lymphatic viscosity and circulation regulator

Black Currant 1:20 – fresh buds
To provide anti-inflammatory and adrenal support

White Birch Buds 1:20 – fresh buds
Supports diuresis, drainage, organic waste elimination

Sweet Chestnut 1:20 – fresh buds
Supports venous and lymph system drainage, protection, support

What to expect when you start using PSC® Lymph Health:

Month 1 & 2

As your lymphatic system is supported, your toxic burden will ease, allowing you to have more energy. You will feel more alert and upbeat. You will experience more restful sleep and increased energy as your body’s systems rebalance.

Month 3 & 4

Results begin to be more noticeable. Your immune system is now supported properly because your lymph is flowing and removing pathogens and toxins regularly and easily.

Month 5 & 6

Consistency pays off! Your improved lymphatic drainage has created a powerful, ongoing system of toxin release, stronger immune function, improved fluid balance, enhanced detoxification, improved digestion and even better skin health!

Frequently Asked Questions

Taking PSC® Lymph Health is easy. Simply add 30 drops directly into your mouth or into 1/4 glass of high quality filtered water. Enjoy up to 2 times daily, every day. Consistency is a key factor in building long-term wellness.

Lymph Health comes in a 50 ml bottle. A Lymph Health complex, as well as all other PSC Products, have an expiration date of 5 years from the date of manufacturing as mandated by the FDA.

Shipments within the United States take approximately 3-7 business days to arrive.

Yes, we gladly ship internationally through the USPS, UPS, and Fedex.

Taken as directed it will generally last approximately 30 days.

No refrigeration or special storage is necessary. Store your PSC® Lymph Health supplements in your medicine cabinet, on the bathroom counter, or any convenient location that will help you form healthy daily habits.

Yes, PSC® Lymph Health products are Vegan.

Yes, PSC® Lymph Health products are Gluten Free.

You can take your PSC® Lymph Health supplements at any time of day. Consistency is key, so be sure to take it every day.

This product is a very unique formula, made in small batches from Italian mountain-grown, organic, hand-harvested herbs.

Yes, you can combine any combination of PSC® products to achieve your desired results or to compound your results.

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