A dietary supplement that stimulates metabolism and the redistribution of body fat.

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PSC Healthy Body (Cellulo Reducto) Stimulates metabolism and the redistribution of body fat. 
Dietary Components:
AshFraxinus Excelsior (buds)
Black CurrantRibes Nigrum (buds)
HazelCorylus Avellana (buds)
Silver Birch SAPBetula Verrucosa (fresh and unpasteurized)
Sweet ChestnutCastanea Vesca (buds)
Organic Grape alcohol 60% and Vegetable Glycerin.

Recommended Serving: 30 minutes before each meal take 20 drops 3 times daily into 1 glass of high quality filtered water and SIP sublingually over a period of 5 minutes. Children < 80 lbs. 1/2 and infants 1/3 of the recommended serving. Take as needed every 2 to 4 hours.

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